What We Are

Burnsley Technologies Limited (or BurnsleyTech) helps businesses harness the power of digital technologies for operational efficiency.

Mission Statement

BurnsleyTech is focused on being a major digital technology provider for the West Africa market.

Digitization is the technical process by which analogue information is converted into digital form. Digitalization does three things to change the organization of value processes. First, it breaks the tight coupling between product and function: any digital device can be flexibly reprogrammed to perform different functions. Second, as analogue information is converted to digital form (i.e., digitized), it can be read by any digital device and combined with any other digital information (e.g., combining text with voice and so on). Third, digital properties can also be embedded in physical products, making them programmable, addressable, sensing, communicable, memorizing, traceable, and associable.

Vision Statement

We believe that the deployment of innovative digital technologies will make our infrastructures more intelligent, businesses more efficient, and spur safe and smart working practice.

Digitalization is not limited to products, services, and manufacturing processes. With digitization, entire business processes can now be digitalized. The result has been a rapid increase in business process outsourcing and offshoring, to complement the already well-estab­lished manufacturing outsourcing trend.

Core Values

At the core of what makes us BurnsleyTech, are the founding ‘3 – Ps’ that catalyses our achievements.

Partnership – We believe in external and internal teamwork because it helps us to be innovative, friendly and creative.

Proactive – Because we actively engage and pursue opportunities, we are robust and timely in delivering on our promises, and this makes us leaders in our product categories.

Passionate – We do not stop improving until perfection. Taking responsibility to ensure that customers continue to get superior value from each product.