Max turned her head to look at him, only caught off guard by the way hed blurted it out. Not for Maxine. blvcktreacles 2022 A single, echoing thought blares through the sirens in his head. make a bet that might just change that . Steve finished, and Billy nodded, slightly sheepishly. That first year for Christmas, he was given a Walkie-Talkie by Dustin and taught all the important codes used by The Party, such as code Red and code Purple. They stay like that in a drawn out silence, Billy still leaning against his hand perched upon the counter top, Max with her arms around Billys abdomen, her head against his chest. Max Mayfield x fem OC #1 in byler (22 may 2019), mike & el hate each other. Gone are the days of Billy redirecting his hate and frustrations at his sister. So they thought. Since Stranger Things have some of the most complex and well-rounded characters on TV, it's no wonder fans have taken to shipping some of them together. She even helps save a human boy. "I think she is." The only two present and semi-stable adults in their lives. elmax ! The great thing was he was in band this year with a bunch of boys! His eyesight blacks out for a moment and he doesnt know how much time passes until hes back and still staring at the black shit on his fingers, its like congealed blood, black and thick, and his mouth waters. Maxine Mayfield's screams of pain echoed through Starcourt Mall, and Billy Hargrove watched helplessly as she crumpled to the floor in front of him. When she climbed into the camaro with him after school and he didnt say a word, she knew she was right. "I swear if they're in the upside down I'm going to kill them." Max said, grabbing for the super com. When a terrible incident comes to pass in the form of Will Byers disappearance the girl is thrown into a whole new world of terror, excitement and maybe even romance. Max didnt think anything about it at first, but the more she played the game, the more awake she felt. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". He just felt shit. There was a pause for a moment, as Billy processed Steve's words. Instead, she reached forward and placed an arm around Eleven, who was practically inconsolable. The boys stared at each other until the hooting of an owl distracted them.Im super lucky to have you, Mike said.No, Will answered. oc x oc and mike can't see that will is hurting. His bruises had been tended to and a massive gash on his cheek had been cleaned and given a plaster by the nice paramedic who had introduced herself as Janice. this post is blacklisted because it contains multiple-words and is not fully visible on the index page. The two girls spend a lot of time together, going shopping or hanging out, with Max giving El advice about dating. "Pathetic. It's October 1984. Like she's the most important thing in the world to him." Let me know if you need anything, okay? When Mike's mental health isn't as good as everyone thought it was. 1.2K Stories. I think my parents are going to get divorced, he blurted out. Her mother never tried to intervene. Max quietly considers his words. It is a show that has captured the hearts of both teenagers and adults thanks to its mysterious atmosphere and well-written characters. Does she like her? "Max," he asked tiredly. Melissa Wheeler is the twin sister of Mike Wheeler, a DnD playing kid who lives in Hawkins, Indiana, a place where crime isn't something that happens indecades. "She was in a car crash," Steve responded. Billy watched as a few of the female paramedics tended to the children around him, especially El, who was still shaking in Mike's arms. That was the official story, the story the police department and the government had told everyone. From what he can gather between sobs and hiccups is that she was in the living room watching a show when Neil joined her, but he changed the station. Younger sister of Steve Harrington. The Stranger Things 4 Crack Vol 1 Sim Mallec 3.1M views 9 months ago Dustin and Steve Being an Iconic Duo for 10 Minutes (Including S4) Malory 636K views 8 months ago Joseph Quinn and Jamie. But at the end of the days, those who were not spending the week in the school were hanging out in town and could create problems with innocent people who did not ask anything. robin buckley just But Y/N Wheeler is often the forgotten sibling. Sick. die?" To where? Billy gasped in horror, lifting Max gently by resting his arm under her neck and placing her on his lap. He ignored him. He only realised how stupid that was when he spotted his best friend, sporting a much needed updated do and a beaming smile when he noticed his friends and family. *Maybe discontinued* Season 2 - Still, when Steve started to become a better person, fans couldn't help but fall in love with him and garner hope that Nancy and Steve would be back together. max whispered, fidgeting with the knobs. - "Well, get in then," he said gesturing to the car behind him. some cute oneshots of the best st couple ever!! Romance Danika Sawyer moves to Hawkins Indiana with her mom and dad after her father gets a job offer he can't refuse. OR: The not-quite-famous-yet rock-tour enemies-to-lovers AU no one asked for. Maybe things would be okay with time. "Gone," he mumbled, and the word sunk into Billy's heart. Read tags, this is extremely gory and sexual. "The way he looks at her. "Max," he mumbled, placing a hand to her stomach and removing it as he saw it become covered in a thick red liquid. Unable to speak, she nods instead. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit), Due to the incredible support of the community, we've raised US$252,343.98 with an average donation of $32.14, and added 6450 new members this drive. The first change being Jane Hopper. (pure fluff) She didnt know if it was hers or someone elses, just that it was everywhere and the more she tried to get away from the steadily rising bloodbath, the more she sank down into it until only her head was above the thick, viscous liquid. - st season "The way he looks at her. I hate her so much! Work Search: She enrolls into the high school next to home and meets Katy Walker is perfectly okay with being like everyone else. Her Father sends her to Hawkins Indiana when she turns 17 so she can live with her mother and brother. Melissa Wheeler, the twin of Mike Wheeler, is missing to the town of Hawkins and presumed dead. "excuse me?" I know. He says, and his own tears begin to fall as he wraps is arms just a little tighter around Max. Gwen Byer's life had never been easy. But pretty soon in addition to feeling more awake, she felt a slight tingling feeling all over and for no reason at all, she found herself suddenly smiling. Y/n wheeler x Steve Harrington, // ST: Rewrite // Season 2 // Dustin Henderson x OC, // ST: Rewrite // Season 1 // Dustin Henderson x Wheeler! But apparently that was nearly a year ago? The last thing Chrissy can remember is bumping into her high school crush, Jason Carver, at a bar. The perfect child. That' in which izzie williams falls for her best friend Stranger Things | Reader Steve Harrington Nancy Wheeler Mike Wheeler Holly Wheeler | Adventure there was this girl, the most beautiful in the world, she had all the boys in town wrapped around her fingers. In the basement of Jennifer Hayes' house a game of spin the bottle is the catalyst for change in his life in a completely unexpected way. Everything felt fuzzy. Like she's the most important thing in the world to him." "I think she is." Experiment X - that's was she was known as. On top of that, Nancy and Jonathan were very distant in the last season, soanything could happen. It all just through her by surprise, his unadulterated, unfiltered, raw anger and at what? She must have been doing something else in there, and just needed it out of the way. The tragic story is always more appealing than the happy one. <3 Joseph Quinn and Joe Keere have amazing on-screen chemistry, so there's no question why fans would ship them together. Text Post posted 3 years ago. Billy and Steve's interactions are intense if filled with mutual hatred, but there's a thin line between love and hate, and there's nothing better than an enemies-to-lovers storyline. This is a Max-Centric oneshot book because she is my fave. She was leaning back, one foot against the wall and headphones on her ears as she smoked a cigarette, resting her head back and exhaling a cloud of smoke into the air. "She was your sister. An evil m-monster!!. He wants freedom someday, but spending time with Billy is surprisingly enjoyable. As Billy watches her fall apart on his bed, watches as she is breaking in the way that he is already broken, by not one but both her parental figures, people that are supposed to love and protect her, hes reminded of when he was her age, yelling, pleading into the telephone, why did you leave me here? She can help him get out of this. "I believe in you," He murmurs, letting "My dad sold me to a pack of werewolves to settle his gambling debt." the link takes you to the permalink page. "Thanks.". Steve didn't respond, but he chuckled slightly. Whats up stalker? she asked flatly, raising an eyebrow as he came to a stop in front of her. Billy felt horribly guilty. Billy let out a scream of anguish, one that barely matched Eleven's, and the two sobbed together as Mike rushed back towards them with a panic-stricken Nancy and Jonathan. Her brother had welcomed her in her despair with open arms. (n) a moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation. In the first season, all three of Will's friends were very worried when he went missing, but Mike seemed to be the most concerned over it. There was so much blood, Max was sure she was going to drown in it. Because of Eleven's connection to the Upside Down and Will's involuntary stay there, they both started understanding each other in this sense. relaxing summer. drugs the town freak provides He tried to shut up his brain, but the thought only left his mind after he felt Max's faint pulse under his fingertips. Its too bad hes heading to California soon. Sinclair pulled out an airmat and put it in Lucas's room. When Max arrives at Hawkins, Max, and Lucas develop a close relationshipthat becomes romantic when they kiss at their school's dance. And this time, the boys believe it and think Eleven is dead too. She was like a cup full of water, and he was like a pot, and he dumped his water all over her, and then she was overflowing too. season 2 - Hey- Max! I don't own any of these memes, I just found them on the internet. or the one where Will gets over one best friend, finds happiness within himself, does a lot of coming out, and falls in love with another one of his best friends this time one that's not so straight. The unfamiliar guy smiled and nodded, taking Wills carry on, leaving Will free to bound over to them unencumbered. However, now that your mother was gone, you had no choice but to drive to Hawkins to find him. Thank you so much! For the first time in his life, he feels seen. She was becoming a danger. Another LGBT character on the show might be Will, so obviously he would have some kind of ship created for him by fans. In a Hawkins where an interracial pair has to deal with family problems, bullying and racism. there was this girl, the most beautiful in the world, she had all the boys in town wrapped around her fingers. It had been six years since your father left you behind in New York. A screech erupted from the speakers, causing max to drop the walkie talkie and jump back in surprise. Robin was the first openly queer canon character to become part of the show, and fans couldn't have been more excited about it. Empty. If your a swiftie u will understand the title . Both guys have dated Nancy and both are quite good-looking. Please consider turning it on! ", "Boys don't cry," Billy said, angrily wiping away his tears. "I still think about it every so often. Season 2: Completed max mayfield x fem oc. The house, she thinks, suddenly feels a little less lonely. When Max arrives at Hawkins, Max, and Lucas develop a close relationship that becomes romantic when they kiss at their school's dance. Who had a surprising interest in anybody who was a boy. She knew his parents fought a lot. Dead. COMPLETE. Enter Adventures In Babysitting, the stories of Steve answering the radio to numerous code reds, purples, rainbows, whites, and more from his friends and family. Hes trembling, Maxs innocent question has shaken him to his core. Everything changes between Max and Billy when she bursts into his room one night in complete hysterics, crying with body racking sobs and she throws herself into his bed where he had been casually lounging just seconds before. The comfort, the embrace. She always assumed Billy was getting into fights at school, which was partially true, but not the case every time. PG-13, romance/family, Mike/Eleven, post-S2. This is my attle of stranger things and it contains some ships so please get ready for a good story. From the beginning of the series, fans saw potential in these two characters. Thats your son, shed say, you raise him how you see fit. Max always thought things would be better, for Billy and the family, if he would just do what hes supposed to do an follow the rules. Well, it was the case before the mayor decided to build a special reform school for kids and teens with problems. As Billy continues his loosing battle with the drawer, beating it with his fist to no avail, Max asks with the brutally open honesty that only a child is capable of, why dont you cry about it?. s harrington x oc "I warned you Allison that you are mine that no one "you are like a baby" When Eleven first escapes from the lab in 1983, the boys convince Nancy's twin sister, Jules, to work at the lab as a spy. It has been hinted several times that Will might have a crush on Mike which is why such a couple could make sense. He breaks the hug, moves away to place his hands on her shoulders, he gives her a level lookand for a moment he wonders if he was ever that small, so tiny and fragile looking, but he cant recall ever really being a child; beatings and screaming matches hardened out his edges a long time ago. This could also make for a fun dynamic to watch with Jonathan being shy and Steve more or less being in charge. Except Rockstar Eddie Munson (Yes, that one!) What is paradise; That's a hard one, but it's that feeling when they're together, that the world is much more beautiful than it was before." I can'tI can't leave her, Nancy.". Mike was moments from jumping from his seat to run over and greet Will when he hesitated as his best friend turned to the man beside him and said something in his ear. He physically felt as if he couldn't make a noise. Flustered Eddie Munson. In the last few months, hed come to hate Lucas Sinclair. If Will and Eleven had bonded more over their experience with the Upside Down, they could have become a couple on screen. But Max would throw him one of those warning glares and hed inevitably remember how close shed been to making it impossible for him to ever have sex again. Still dealing with the aftermath of the accident that killed Georgia, Max and the rest of the doctors at New Amsterdam find themselves facing yet another life-changing event. wanted to save money Max feels the tears well hit again, feels them slipping down her cheeks. Start: 26.07.19 I know. He says, and theyre both crying, together, and now shes hugging him too, and he isnt sure who is holding who, who is comforting who, because hes suddenly that scared, hurt and confused little child again, the one he thought died. Steve and Robin's romantic relationship is practically impossible because Robin is simply not into guys. The official motive was that Carver wanted to frame Munson for the murders because of his hatred of the man. Billy and Neil yelling isnt new. Hes not sure what hes supposed to feel, what he should say. [unfinished foreva], The monsters are all gone. Sam and Dean work a case with Max. In what should've been a simple spy operation. Max had known she was in trouble the moment shed grabbed Billys arm that afternoon and pulled him away from Mike. It's only teenage wasteland. There was also a scene in Argyle's van where Will shows Mike a painting of them in a D&D campaign, but Will starts crying after their conversation, so everything seems to suggest that Will has feelings for his best friend. How can she stop all this pain? . Do something!". Mike even tells Will that befriending him in kindergarten was the best thing he ever did. au Set in early season 2. He hits the drawer with increasing force, and her words are echoing in his head, and the drawer isnt moving anywhere, and his face is still sore where Neil had bashed him into the tabletop, and if this fxcking drawer doesnt move hes going to have answer for why he broke a piece of furniture in the house and out of all the people hes ever had contact with in his life, in both California and Indiana, Max is the only who sees him. Max Mayfield x male!oc While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. These were no ordinary woods, though they looked like them. Everything changes between Max and Billy when she bursts into his room one night in complete hysterics, crying with body racking sobs and she throws herself into his bed where he had been casually lounging just seconds before. Max wraps her arms tighter around him, and despite his seemingly harsh declaration, he returns the embrace. At first, Max seemed to be the odd one in the group, and Eleven didn't quite want to see her around. I hate her! Fans get to rewrite their favorite characters and give them the happy ending they truly deserve. Kimi doesn't like what he sees and decides to investigate. However, when he turned to see Eleven crying in Mike Wheeler's grasp, the latter shedding his own tears, he lost all that was inside him and let out a heart-wrenching wail. She has been back and forth about surviving or dying ever since, but for better or for worse, she is always able to find something worth fighting for. From the beginning of their relationship, it was evident that Mike and Eleven developed a strong connection. His head was pounding, and his stomach still hurt. Part of the appeal of the showis the couples we see. What did he do? He asks, edge in his tone, but hes wound way too tightly and way to quickly to try and make himself sound soft and inviting. s s Work Search: She was well known by everyone in Hawkins. Joyce saves him and, after a very slow burn, the couple finally kissed in one of the most passionate scenes of the show. It is a show that has captured the hearts of both teenagers and adults thanks to its mysterious atmosphere and well-written characters. And I already have a middle and an end, so no, it's not gonna be abandoned, hehe.). She's a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and she's still mourning Natasha Romanoff's death. This leads to him handling and helping more of the campers including Gwen. Murray and Alexei would probably be the ones to go from friends to lovers, a popular trope in film and literature. the bitterest boy in lenora falls head over heels with a boy who hates his guts. I hate you, he says quietly, to hide the shake. Mike and Will have been the best of friends since they were small children, and their relationship is so pure and wholesome that it inspired fans to start shipping them. "You don't believe in god." He does for her what no one did for him, and he wraps his arms around her. Stranger Things is a show that makes us remember our childhood, and for some, it even causes nostalgia for a time they never knew. Dream business. Even though they're very different, they quickly develop anice friendship, and no one can deny they would look great together. Im not. Mike looked away. It was a blur at that moment; time seemed to freeze. ", Billy swallowed, then sent him a small smile. In which Asher Henderson has always had trouble fitting in with Hawkins bleak and basic style. this morning recipes john torode today,

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