• Full HD Industrial LCD-panel with backlight LED
  • Capacitive 10-finger Multi-touch
  • Intel i5 processor, 8G RAM, 500G SSD
  • Fanless operation, no moving parts
  • Complete out of the box working X86 architecture
  • Digital platform for serving ads and notification
  • Terminal Payment
  • Thermal Printer
  • Identification Device
  • UPS uninterrupted power protection
  • Integrated software monitoring

Principles and Advantages

The solution is composed of different devices that help to automate processes such as the payment for utilities, identification of customers and the dispensing of SIM-CARD, LOYALTY CARD or other type of general-purpose cards in a self-service mode:

Self-service identification process

When the customer provides an ID card, the device will detect the type of ID card and automatically extract data into a contract form. The contract is generated with copies of the ID card and a digital signature can be captured through the touch screen of the device or the kiosk it is attached to. The final contract can be printed for the customer.

All data is transmitted to the back-office system via an ethernet or wireless connection integrated with the device

Advantages of the solution

  1. Time saving through an automated process of identification (reducing the overall transaction time spent by each customer when done with an agent)
  2. Better and more reliable data collection
  3. Cost saving
  4. Better visibility of the total network of agencies

Technical Characteristics

  • Equipped with double cameras and an integrated software, vision-ap can detect different types of ID cards and extract data automatically
  • Touch screen to enable the management of different forms and to capture a digital signature
  • ID card authenticity can be done to detect and reject fraudulent or forged cards
  • Ethernet and wireless connection including 2G, 3G or 4G for data transmission (securely done with encryption)
  • Integrated software also included for the recognition of different card types and for the management of data collected

Some applications

End Users

  • Banks
  • Telecommunication Agency
  • Supermarkets
  • Airport, Train Stations
  • Hotels
  • Movie Theatres
  • Electricity Company
  • Serviced Apartments