Nigeria's economy, which is highly dependent on Crude Oil went into tail spin following the November 2014 sharp fall in Crude Oil prices. The global production (supply) exceeded demand, putting the Nigerian economy in a recession with high inflation rate. This spurred the Government of Nigeria to develop the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan aimed at [...]

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Digital Revolution

The first Industrial Revolution where machines changed the manufacturing industries brought about a sweeping change in our society. Today, another revolution involving digital technologies are changing financial, media, educational, and other service industries. Considering the advances being made, it is worthy to note that this revolution is dependent on the following enablers; top institutions, friendly regulators, world-class universities, dynamic entrepreneurial [...]

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An ever-growing trend is the digitization of workplace, and new technologies are helping to shape the office of the future both physically and virtually. Just two decades ago, offices barely had the internet, computers, or even emails. The daily routine of most office employee in the world was limited to the desktop from 9am - 5pm. [...]

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#BurnsleyTechAdventures : A Trip to Ben Nevis, Scotland

How the Future?

In the industry today, technologies in the form of sensors are currently being used for preventative maintenance. This enables engineering firms to detect signs of trouble before they develop into full-blown problems. Some contractors embed sensors in wet concrete, where they send real-time data about the rate at which it is curing to a bespoke [...]

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