BBSTelematics, a South African Telematics platform provider is pleased to announce that Burnsley Technologies, a Nigerian based technology solution provider has been appointed as a re-seller and national support centre for BBSTelematics.

Both companies support fleet operators and owners combining world leading telematics solutions with complementary software technologies and services. Thereby, creating an advanced proposition that offers unrivalled savings potential to the fleet market. The typical benefits being improved driver safety and vehicle health. These benefits drive down fleet
costs by lowering claims, insurance premiums and avoiding the huge costs of vehicle breakdowns.

Okoroma C.G. (Bob), Director at Burnsley Technologies comments: “Partnering with BBSTelematics means our Nigerian customers get access to world leading Telematics solutions. We are pleased to be appointed by BBSTelematics and look forward to developing, delivering and supporting telematics solutions to our customers.”

Paul Rogerson, Director at BBSTelematics added: “This relationship builds our drive to have a select number of re-sellers and resource centres in Africa to work with us to deliver world beating telematics solutions to national and international fleet operators.”

About Burnsley Technologies:
Burnsley Technologies is an international technology consultant for West Africa’s giant economy – Nigeria. Burnsley provides expert specialised services for the digitalisation of processes.

About BBSTelematics:
BBSTelematics is a leading authorised Value-Added Reseller for Geotab Africa and authorised SureCam’ s Africa distributor, with over 35 years of combined telematics experience. BBSTelematics was created to provide industry leading fleet management, vehicle and video telematics solutions for all types of fleet including Electric Vehicles bringing together world beating solutions for the African market.

For more information in Africa please contact Paul Rogerson on +27 (0) 79 054 2890 or

For more information in Nigeria please contact Bob on +234 (0) 905 801 8890 or