“We never want to hear that one of our client vehicles has been in an accident – with all the potential human misery and business impacts. But in Africa we know from WHO data that the continent has some of the worse accident statistics.

BUT when an accident happens we are pleased that the BBSTelematics and Burnsley team can support our customers with a rapid service.

On Saturday morning at 8.02 our help desk received an email telling us that a vehicle in Nigeria had registered a major event at 08.01.29. By 8.03 we were able to view the videos that had been automatically sent to the cloud and could see that the vehicle (a big truck) had turned over onto its side. We could also see the video from the In Cab camera to see the crew during the event.

By 8.04 the fleet manager had been informed about the accident, was given the truck location, and then help was dispatched even before the truck crew had started to kick out the truck windscreen and get out of the cab.

And many thanks to Bob our man in Nigeria for the local communications.

Now that the truck has been recovered and the crew are OK, we will start the investigation with the customer to find the root cause of the accident using Video Telematics, voice recording with the videos, data from the tracker, and report back from the physical examination of the truck.

Fleet Telematics with the use of videos increases the safety and wellbeing of your people, gives rapid response to accidents, protects the fleet and gives fleet managers greater insight to the fleet operations and ability to react, and then plan for improvements to the fleet operations.

Attached is the clip of the accident from the forward looking camera – the In Cab video not released due to respect to the truck crew.

To give your people the level of safety and support they deserve, give you more control with real data over your fleet, and help you reduce your costs, give us a call on +234 (0) 905 801 8890 to learn more.”