With the current COVID-19 pandemic, companies that have failed to adopt digital technologies are struggling to operate. Now more than ever, it is important to leverage fleet intelligence solutions. So far, we have been remotely supporting our clients with digital tools to sustain their activities.


We have identified changes to commercial transportation and trade activity since the onset of COVID-19 by aggregating insights from the commercial vehicles within our remote management contract. Burnsley installs, manages and reports insight to companies with a large fleet. Using our innovative telematics and smart device, we are able to remotely collect data for analysis – driving behaviour, hour of usage, fuel consumption, location. In the oil and gas, there has been an increased deployment of security vehicles to patrol facilities and pipelines.


We are actively monitoring company vehicles during this lockdown. All vehicles installed with our innovative telematics have an NFC reader which recognises each driver assigned to the vehicle. Hence, all authorisation to use the vehicles come from the logistics manager by email before any vehicle is activated and assigned to the driver – this is executed online without human interaction. There is no need for paper work!


Remote monitoring of consignments for trucking companies transporting essential goods. Using our remote 360 cameras, we are able to alert the company and local authorities about any pilferage to the consignment. These measure help in curbing the temptations that are arising as a result of the harsh economic climate.

There is no doubt that innovative technologies can make your business intelligent! Read a BusinessDay exclusive interview of how we are supporting a logistics business in the Oil Rich Niger Delta.