A year of exploration! Clearly depicts how the journey had been through the year 2016.

This year witnessed the continuous fall in oil prices, which impacted massively on the Nigerian economy. The Nigerian government responded with numerous policies aimed at tackling the rising inflation rate, while considering the shrinking economic growth owing to a recession. Our beloved economy, the largest economy in Africa was under serious pressure. We had failed in time past to diversify our economy from Oil wealth. This challenges came as an eye opener for every Nigerian to seriously consider other economic activities other than oil. Agriculture became an interesting proposal after seeing the devastating effect of the Tomato crisis, locally termed tomato ebola. The scarcity of tomato coupled with the ban on importation sky rocketed the selling price of the commodity.

Social media was very active with this news. Creative Nigerians went into action creating funny insightful contents that brought to limelight the issue at hand. The power of technology! We cannot all forget the buzz that was created when the “King of Social Media”, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg came visiting. His visit further consolidated the awareness of the potentials of technology, and how it can become a disruptive force that could be a major source of income for the economy.

In all of this, #BurnsleyTech put together an exploitation and exploration teams who focus mainly on creating, delivering, and capturing value. Both teams have differing skill sets necessary to function as a unit. The exploration team are continuous analysing new information, trends and opportunities to see how #BurnsleyTech could potentially deliver value for its existing and potential clients. The exploitation team adopt a classical management structure necessary for ensuring value is efficiently captured.

As the year comes to an end, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having a keen interest in #BurnsleyTech. We believe in the power of knowledge. “Hosea 4:7, my people perish for lack of knowledge”. Therefore, we would like to recommend some books for your reading pleasure and enlightenment this holiday season.

Summarised by Bob: I would say this book is quite a hard one to read, mainly because it is written by  three management consultants at Boston Consulting Group. Generally, when a book is written about strategy, one often wonders if all scenarios react positively to a particular approach! Because that often doesn’t seem like it! This book doesn’t give you a set of guidelines, but gets your thinking about your business and what strategy would be more compatible with the strategies explained within. A must read for business executives who are constantly trying to ensure that their business remains competitive by holistically considering the internal and external business environment.

Summarised by Marv: A captivating book written by an Investigative and Award-Winning New York Times Business reporter! The book uses scientific discoveries to explain why habits exist and how they can be changed, with the help of various illustrations and stories. It explains why some people and companies struggle to change, despite years of trying, and why some people seem to reshape themselves overnight. The book gives an insight into how the power of habits have been used to assure the success of some consumer products. Practical techniques are given to identify and consciously direct the things that really control our behaviour and results.

Summarised by Ken: A book that reminds you of the fact that there is more to you than you can ever imagine! Dr. Myles, the author, is respected internationally as a best-selling leadership mentor who has empowered many to discover their personal purpose and develop their true potential. The book tells readers some simple truths; 1. You were created with potential; 2. Nothing in life is instant; 3. Everything in life has the potential to fulfil its purpose; 4. Do not be satisfied with what you are now; 5. The greatest threat to progress is your last successful accomplishment; 6. You will never know yourself by listening to what others say about you; 7. You are the only one who can limit your potential.

We wish you a happy holidays as we anticipate a wonderful year ahead!