All work and no play makes Team BurnsleyTech unadventurous. 2018 was a very eventful year filled with so much hard work and accomplishments [Read Here]. So as part of ways to relax and cool of steam, management decided to treat the team to an all expense paid trip to Nigeria’s Tech City in Lagos.

We arrived Lagos very late on Tuesday 11th December, 2018. Everyone was really tired on arrival, because, we had just hopped on a plane straight from the International Science and Tech Expo [Read Here]. On arrival at Nigeria’s busy Murtala Mohammad airport , the team took a cab and headed straight to domino’s pizza. We couldn’t miss the Tuesday Deal! Well, that’s what the itinerary said.

Long day, but we had to put up a smile for the camera!
It’s buy 1 get 1 free deal at Dominos Pizza!

In the morning of the second day! We had our breakfast and ordered Taxify from the Lagos Mainland of Ikeja to Lekki on the Island. We headed straight to the Lekki Conservation Centre. On our way, we couldn’t help ourself, but stop on the famous Cable Suspension Bridge to take selfies.

That’s the famous cable bridge behind us! A project financed through Public Private Partnership.

On arrival at the Lekki Conservation Centre, the team was excited about the prospect of having a great day but it did seem like we got there too early because the place wasn’t as jam packed, as we initially anticipated! We paid for our guided tour around the facility which included a walk over the longest canopy walkway in Africa. The walkway was fun and scary. So much adrenaline! We even sighted some animals – monkeys, tortoise, and different species of fishes.

Selfie at the top of Africa’s Longest Canopy Walkway!

For the rest of the evening, we relaxed at the Elegushi Beach in Lekki watching the sunset and waves.

Beach on Point! #Team #Burnsley enjoying the Atlantic Ocean.

Day Three, and we are so pumped up to do more exploring! Unfortunately, most of the meetings we had arranged during the working hours failed to hold. Lagos is such a busy place, and it gets more busy with the end of year rush! Most residents prefer virtual meetings to avoid being stuck in traffic. A clear sign of infrastructural deficit in the region.

Another Day, another line up of activities waiting to happened. #GambetaNews

Next stop was Ikeja City Mall to feed our eyes. While window shopping, we got to experience Virtual Reality gaming. This was a bit scary and fun because it takes you to the heart and soul of the game. You get so involved like it’s real life. The next destination was a bit funny, but you know what they say “any mistake can turn into a blessing”. Just like making lemonade out of lemons. We had planned to visit the much talked about University of Suya, a popular suya spot (roasted beef) but the excitement made us think that the University of Suya was inside University of Lagos (UNILAG). So, we spent 1hr 30mins driving to UNILAG only to find out that the Suya spot was 15mins from Ikeja City Mall. #EpicFail

Who do you think is more frightened? IB or Ovie?

Just like making lemonade out of lemons! We made good use of our situation to explore UNILAG. There, we discovered Korede’s Spaghetti. He makes one of the most amazing spaghetti around the area, and he’s quite popular among students.

Finally, we arrived at the much hyped university of Suya! Boy! It was one of the most amazing suya we had tasted on earth! While eating suya and sipping cold brews, Dr. Debo Odulana (Co-Founder Doctoora) arrived at our location. Debo and Bob graduated same year with a masters degree from Imperial College Business School. Debo is on a mission is to create healthier communities in Africa by connecting healthcare professionals to quality healthcare facilities and connecting healthcare consumers to pleasant healthcare experiences. This meeting was more like a reunion! An opportunity to share experiences and learn in an informal environment.

You don’t need a magician to tell you that they had a good time in Lagos!

So that pretty much summed up our adventures in Lagos! This year 2019, we will experience another city. Send us some suggestions, we would love to check them out! :-)x