The programme is a Facebook event organised by Digivate 360 to help Nigerian businesses boost their presence on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. This one-day event was held on Friday 20thApril 2018, at the BurnsleyTech Academy Facility.

The facilitator, Mr. Jerry Freeborn gave us useful insight on strategies for maximizing the use of Facebook and Instagram for business success. He made the class very practical with hands-on class exercises using our internet enabled devices.

We downloaded some useful apps that encourage content creativity;

  1. Hyperlapse, allows users to shrink long videos into short clips
  2. Layout, gives users the power to edit, customise and make awesome pictures.
  3. Boomerang, a video loop creating software.


Mr. Jerry enlightened us on some foundational business skills; customer insights and branding. These two are the bedrock of social media marketing. If you get them wrong, you’ve built your business on a sinking ground. Understanding your customer, where to find many of them and the power of the right branding are important factors that ensure success in business.

The event rounded up with some questions, and light refreshment. I forgot to mention earlier that I was given the opportunity to share my story with the participants.