Dear Partners, Friends, Associates, Employees and well wishers,

Hope you had a wonderful easter holiday spending quality time with family. The first quarter of 2018 has come to an end, and it is time to reflect on our achievements. The theme for this year has been “commercialisation”, which is the distinguishing factor between innovation and invention.

Our achievements so far has been made possible by the fact that we have embedded our core values in our corporate culture.
Partnership – We believe in external and internal teamwork.
Proactive – We actively engage and pursue opportunities.
Passionate – We do not stop improving until perfection.

1. Digital Engineering Platform continues to show good traction, as we have recorded more than 12,000 visitors. We changed the design for the platform to give readers a better perception of our brand. Our social media presence has continued to attract unique visitors, and our emailing list has doubled.

[Q2 GOAL] In this second quarter, we hope to aggregate content from all 54 African countries on the continent.

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2. Vehicle Telematics

Our vehicle telematics solution, “DIMSS” – Driver Improvement Monitoring and Security System. The technology monitors a vehicle by combining a GPS system with on-board diagnostics to record-and map- exactly where a car is and how fast it is travelling, and cross reference that with how a driver is performing.

We redesigned our multi-user login device to a 7-inch embedded touch device that will replace the rugged Landrum used for driver login. This upgrade is expected to increase the adoption of our technology in some industries.

[Q2 GOAL] In this quarter, we look forward to identifying and attracting potential investors and partners who will unlock the next growth phase of our product.

3. BurnsleyTech Academy

BurnsleyTech Academy, an avenue for personal development and capacity building. We organise hands-on training on the use of professional softwares like EPANET, AutoCAD, Corel Draw, MS Office, etc. We also organise classes on website design and app development.

In partnership with the Nigerian Society of Engineers and Wasser & Bau Ltd, we successfully hosted a three day training on “Planning, Design and Modelling of Water Distribution/ Reticulation System using EPANET.” The event was a major success and was well attended by professional Engineers working for various Government and Private entities. We documented the experience in these blog post, DAY ONE and DAY TWO.

[Q2 GOAL] In this second quarter, we look forward to organising a workshop in May on AutoCAD/ Training on Computer Skills for Engineers.

We are still committed to our mission of being a major digital technology provider for the West African market. Ensuring that we are harnessing technology to make infrastructures more intelligent, drive efficiency in businesses, and spur safe and smart working practices within our customer’s business.

Wishing you the best in the months ahead.


Okoroma C.G. (Bob)
Managing Director/CEO