The just concluded International tour is an opportunity to experience first-hand the social and cultural dynamics of business in another country. This year, we had the opportunity to travel in the company of about 24 participants to Bangalore and New Delhi, India.

Our first stop, KPMG, where we received Introductory presentations about India.


  • India is among the fastest growing major economies with a population of 1.29billion people. This puts India at the second spot of both the world’s most populous nation, and English speaking country.
  • Services take up a huge chunk of 61% in the Indian GDP share, leaving agriculture at 16%, which has been massively affected by climate change. The Indian government is working really hard to contain the effects of low farm harvests, and the depleting ground water in aquifers.
  • Since missing the industrial revolution, India has strategically positioned itself to take advantage of the technology revolution currently disrupting various industries. Today, Bangalore is globally recognized as a leading hub for Information Technology Services. Hence my visit!


We visit and interacted with the following establishments;

  • Indian Angel Network: A network of Indian Business Angels who invest in startups
  • Innov8: A co-working space for Entrepreneurs
  • Sequoia Capital: A multinational venture capitalist firm
  • NeoFusion Creative Foundation: An Non-Governmental Social Enterprise.
  • Hero Motocorp Ltd: The largest two wheeler manufacturer in India
  • BML Munjal University: A private business school in India.
  • Biozeen: An Indigenous biotechnology company