On the morning of August 14th, while discussing progress with executive management. I learnt that I would be travelling to Kenya in ten (10) days time. The feeling was a bit daunting – a mix of excitement and uncertainty. The initial plan, had two of our executives scheduled for the trip to Nairobi, but their likelihood to attend was slim due to other pressing commitments.  As expected, the adventurous spirit within me drowned all fears.

As the day drew closer, I had done “bits and bobs” researching on Kenya. What the city had to offer, possible events to attend, side attractions, chill spot, danger zone, and other possible things to look out for while in Nairobi. I departed Murtala Mohammed International Airport on August 24th via Kenyan Airways.

Upon arrival, I never expected Kenya to be cold! Honestly, I never expected East Africa to be cold! The only African country I knew was cold was South Africa, and they are way down south! As planned, representatives of Apec Consortium Limited were waiting at the airport with name tags.

The Chairman of Apec Consortium Limited played host in his 6 hectare property in Karen (a very posh area in Nairobi). Apec provides Engineering and Construction Consultancy Services for the Government of Kenya, majorly. The company provided the feasibility study, detailed engineering design, tender administration and construction supervision of the famous Nairobi-Thika Super Highway. The project involved economic feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed engineering designs, preparation of tender documents and construction supervision for the superhighway of 4×4 main road and 2×2 service roads totalling 50km.

The human resource director and Chairman gave a firsthand talk about the company, talking about the economic activity within the country, how far the company had progressed, and possible areas of business for the future.

Moving ahead, Kenyatta University was the next institution/business entity on my list to visit. Most especially, the Chandaria Business Innovation & Incubation Centre within the University Campus. The centre was established in July 2011 as a hallmark of academic excellence and service to humanity, with the aim of raising innovative entrepreneurs through a  progressively well coordinated process of incubation which BurnsleyTech is interested in learning from. A representative of the Centre’s Director, Dr. George  who was flanked by Prof. Thomas (Director, Centre for Research on Service Science, Hochschule New-Ulm University of Applied Sciences) one of the centre’s numerous foreign partner. Both individuals gave a holistic view on the activities of the centre and the benefits of their current partnership .

In general, the trip was a success and there was limited opportunity to tour the city considering the nature of the trip and time spent exploring these business entities. Here are some snap shots for your perusal.