Dear Partners, Friends, Associates, Employees and well wishers,

The year has eventually come to an end, and it is time to reflect on the activities undertaken. Firstly, I must thank Jehovah, we are stronger as a company despite the challenges in 2017. The economy and business climate was harsh, but staying focused and continuously innovating saw us sailing through the raging storms.

Our theme for the year 2017 was holiness, and we considered it as the bedrock for integrity, focus and hard work. Truly we worked diligently, and imbibing the culture of holiness, we recorded these achievements.

This year, we re-launched our digital news platform for engineering and construction related activities happening in Africa. “Gambeta News” continues to show good traction, as we see more engagements. Our product offering is diversified to satisfy different type of readers.

IndustryNews” – issued every friday @10am;

Hot Jobs Wednesday” – issued every Wednesday @10am;

Interesting Thursday” – issued every fortnight on a Thursday @2pm”

We also have engaging activities on  @GambetaNew1 and  @GambetaNews.

Despite the successes recorded, we still are exploring ways to commericialise the platform to be profitable.

Davis Instruments, an American company developing and manufacturing exceptional weather, marine and automotive products recognised us (BurnsleyTech) as the only authorised reseller in Nigeria. We teamed up with Davis and other partners in locally innovating an improved In-Vehicle Monitoring and Security System.

The bespoke technology, gives our customer the ability to;
1. Increase driver’s speed awareness on different road types, by alerting on the mandatory speed limit in relation to vehicle’s real time speed.
2. Reduce company operating expense, by identifying bad driving habits that increases vehicle maintenance costs.
3. Monitor vehicles and drivers in real time for efficient management of assets.
4. Timely respond to issues of theft, and accident in a more professional manner.

We launched an annex office, aiming at enabling seamless customer experience through our 24/7 technological support for all our products and services.
The ultra-modern facility is sited on a prime location in G.R.A, over looking major transport route. This location provides for easy access when responding to client needs or emergency.

We started a mentoring/training initiative aimed at getting unemployed graduates into the working environment to learn new skills with great potential  of changing their lives positively. They are taken through a rigorous training exercise involving computer programming, web development, and technology entrepreneurship. BurnsleyTech Academy partners with corporate entities, using funds set aside for corporate social responsibility to deliver the training to their host communities. Upon completion of the training, successful students are awarded with certificates as evidence of learning. They also get access to our pool of talents, Co-working space, and other alumni benefits.

Going forward into 2018, we shall be commercialising and innovating new products and services tailored to support our expanding customer base.

We are still committed to our mission, of being a major digital technology provider for the West African market. Ensuring that we are harnessing technology to make infrastructures more intelligent, drive efficiency in businesses, and spur safe and smart working practices within our customer’s business.

Now, I am wishing you all a wonderful holiday, as you share this festive period with family and loved ones.


Okoroma C.G. (Bob)
Managing Director/CEO