DIMSS – Driver Improvement Monitoring and Security System

35,918 casualties were recorded by the Nigerian Federal Road Safety in 2015, of which 30,478 and 5,440 cases were injured and killed people respectively.

Most businesses operating in Nigeria have continuously raised their concerns over the safety of their drivers and assets on Nigerian roads which are plagued with high traffic, dangerous road condition and a prevalent bad driving habit among citizens.

These challenges result in some fleet operators recording huge expenses on insurance premiums, damages to capital good(s), lawsuits and maintenance costs.

In the middle of every difficulty lies an opportunity, and most companies have been actively innovating around this challenge. In attempting to monitor and control driving behaviour, some companies have done the following;

  1. Ride along to determine what their drivers do well and areas for improvement. The drawback with this method is that drivers don’t display their bad habits when being directly watched.
  2. Some companies tried installing “How’s my driving signs” on their vehicles so that other road users can call a dedicated number for reporting company driver behaviour. The drawback with this method is that most road users abuse the reporting system.
  3. In the 1990’s some technology companies started innovating with speed limiting technologies to restrict the speed limit of vehicles. These technologies had a huge positive impact on the society and helped in curbing some driving habits, however, the low level of sophistication was restrictive in what the technology could do.

The advancements in technology in today’s every changing knowledge economy has given rise to Onboard Safety Systems – Vehicle Telematics. This new technology enables the monitoring of a vehicle by combining GPS system with on-board diagnostics to record – and map – exactly where a car is and how fast it is travelling, and cross reference that with how a car is behaving internally.

We have been able to innovate with this modern technology to put together a solution that combines other ground breaking technologies;

  • Vehicle Telecommunication and Informatics
  • High-Performance Cloud-Based Computing
  • Powerful Web Analytics
  • Mobile Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Technology
  • Robust IT Infrastructure
  • GPS – GPRS – GSM – SMS Integrated System
  • Responsive Multi-Channel Technical Support

This bespoke system gives our esteemed customers the following benefits;

  • We have increased driver’s speed awareness for different road types (Highway, urban and rural) taking into consideration the speed limits for each road type. This reduces the overall crash risk of driver on different road conditions.
  • Our solution aids in instilling good driving habits through scoring matrix that ranks drivers according to their road performance. This has proven to reduce company operating expense on fuel consumption and maintenance costs on tyres, brakes and engine.
  • Some insurance companies offer our customers discount on their insurance premiums due to the overall proven performance of the solution.
  • We have given customers full control over the management of their fleet through a cloud-based software that enables real-time management abilities. Customers are now able to derive maximum efficiency from their fleets.
  • Theft can be a major issue for most businesses considering the inconveniences it causes to operations. The solution enables the relevant authorities to quickly respond to cases of theft as it happens.

For more information about the system, drop us an email business@burnsleytechnologies.com, or call +234 (0) 909 595 6270


Source: Summary of Road Traffic Crashes Involving Fleet Operators (Nigerian Federal Road Safety)