What is DIMSS?

DIMSS - Driver Improvement Monitoring and Security System 35,918 casualties were recorded by the Nigerian Federal Road Safety in 2015, of which 30,478 and 5,440 cases were injured and killed people respectively. Most businesses operating in Nigeria have continuously raised their concerns over the safety of their drivers and assets on Nigerian roads which are plagued with [...]

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Nigeria is a country endowed with human and natural resources, but this has remained relatively untapped over the years. The growth experienced since transitioning from agriculture in the late 1960's has been driven by consumption and high oil prices. Thereby, making the economy highly dependent on crude oil prices and production. Unlike Cameroon, the Nigerian [...]

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#BurnsleyTech: Book Suggestion

Jesus CEO - Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership by Laurie Beth Jones. The book title struck me! Had someone written a book about Jesus, using His life's work to teach business people how to be a better CEO, I pondered?! Considering the layout of the book, with short chapters and thought seeking questions, I [...]

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The New CarChip Connect

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An ever-growing trend is the digitization of workplace, and new technologies are helping to shape the office of the future both physically and virtually. Just two decades ago, offices barely had the internet, computers, or even emails. The daily routine of most office employee in the world was limited to the desktop from 9am - 5pm. [...]

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SEASON’S GREETINGS 2016 – A Message From Management

A year of exploration! Clearly depicts how the journey had been through the year 2016. This year witnessed the continuous fall in oil prices, which impacted massively on the Nigerian economy. The Nigerian government responded with numerous policies aimed at tackling the rising inflation rate, while considering the shrinking economic growth owing to a recession. [...]

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#BurnsleyTech: Book Suggestion

Both Inc. magazine columnists, and experienced businessmen in their own rights. In this book they share some of their experiences in business, teaching the reader about some of the mistakes and successes they’ve encountered. This book is a thoughtful guide for budding businesspeople seeking to learn from an experienced mentor who bears his thoughts on [...]

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#BurnsleyTech Adventures: A trip to India

The just concluded International tour is an opportunity to experience first-hand the social and cultural dynamics of business in another country. This year, we had the opportunity to travel in the company of about 24 participants to Bangalore and New Delhi, India. Our first stop, KPMG, where we received Introductory presentations about India. [...]

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FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference 2016

The FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference 2016 was hosted in Marrakesh, Morocco. Engineers from its 99 member countries gathered to discuss the following engineering related topics, Infrastructure in Africa Strategies to Mitigate Climate Change Innovative Technology and Management Systems Future Leaders Forum Water Challenges Renewable Energy Solutions Building Information Modelling [...]

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#BurnsleyTechAdventures : A Trip to Ben Nevis, Scotland