Jesus CEO – Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership by Laurie Beth Jones.

The book title struck me! Had someone written a book about Jesus, using His life’s work to teach business people how to be a better CEO, I pondered?!

Considering the layout of the book, with short chapters and thought seeking questions, I proceeded to read an average of 2 chapters per day.

The book defines two existing management styles, while introducing a third which is claimed to be depicted by Jesus.

Alpha – based on the masculine, authoritative use of power.

Beta – based on the feminine, cooperative use of power.

Omega – the Jesus management style that incorporates and enhances them both.

According to Laurie, the Jesus’ “Omega” management style had three categories of strengths:

  1. The strength of self mastery – believing in yourself and keeping focus on your goals.
  2. The strength of action – having a bold plan of action coupled with forming the right team.
  3. The strength of relationships – giving the team a higher purpose, that is encapsulated with love.

The book argued that success in management requires the total combination of all three categories, giving examples of where leaders had fallen short and the resulting consequences.

I couldn’t agree more with the nuggets of wisdom shared by Laurie to back her findings. She was bold enough to share her experience of breaking the number-one cardinal rule for women. A must read for all!