Authors: Norm Brodsky and Bo Burlingham

Both Inc. magazine columnists, and experienced businessmen in their own rights. In this book they share some of their experiences in business, teaching the reader about some of the mistakes and successes they’ve encountered. This book is a thoughtful guide for budding businesspeople seeking to learn from an experienced mentor who bears his thoughts on business.

The book covers everything from startup capital, sales mentality, learning from experienced business people, managing clients, raising capital, building relationships, hiring good management, building processes into the business, employee-employer relationship, and lots more.

Some of the advises offered in the book include:

  1. Make sure you understand what cash flow is and figure out in advance where its going to come from
  2. You learn by refusing to make excuses and looking deep inside yourself for the reasons things have gone wrong.
  3. Focus and discipline are more important than identifying opportunities, but they have to be balanced with flexibility.
  4. You reputation is your most business asset, and your competitors play a critical role in shaping it.
  5. Listening is the most important part of any negotiation. Make sure you hear what is really being said.

A must read for the holiday period! Giving you a fresh thinking for the year ahead!